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Building a Bigger War Chest of Preventive Maintenance Services

You decide you’re going to cook your favorite meal, so you go to the kitchen and begin gathering the ingredients only to realize the main ingredient you need has expired. Your mouth is watering and your stomach is growling. You’re getting “hangry” (hungry and angry). Not only will you not be able to cook...


Cabin Air Filters: Are You Offering the COMPLETE Service?

Cabin air filter replacement in America is fast becoming a hot priority in preventive maintenance service.  The European market is ahead of the game;  they've been doing it for years, and today most European vehicles include such a filter...


Cleaning Up Ethanol Myths

Ethanol is billed as one of America’s resources destined to free consumers from too many years of the Mid-East gasoline stranglehold...


Conducting Vehicle Inspections Properly and Profitably

"In 2008, the median age of passenger cars in operation has increased to a record high of 9.4 years."  So says R.L. Polk and Co...


Diesels: Do You Do Them?

For reasons you can understand, the diesel market has been explosive over the last several years. It seems that each year automobile and truck manufacturers are introducing more and more models with diesel engines, or at least offering the option of a diesel engine...


Diesels: Opportunity Knocking

Having just completed my most recent sales trip, I continue to be amazed by the quantity of diesel trucks on the road. In this case, I am not referring to the “big rigs,” but the common light, medium and heavy-duty trucks that make up an ever-growing market...


Don't Be Indifferent To Differentials

As I travel all across our nation visiting quick lubes, general repair shops, tire dealers and new car dealerships, I see a surprisingly casual indifference toward a fluid maintenance service that is often overlooked.  I'm talking about service to the differential...


Evolution of the Headlamp

The Online Urban Dictionary defines "padiddle" as a word that is "exclaimed upon seeing a vehicle with only one functioning headlamp." Who first came up with the word is lost to trivia history, but countless teenagers (and adults) have had fun with the game over the years... 


Fluids and Additives: A Walk Through the Menagerie

To be successful selling a fluid or additive you must truly believe in the quality and performance of the product...


How Do You Open a Banana?

It seems as though I have bananas on the brain, or I’ve gone bananas, but for some reason bananas literally and figuratively have been finding a way into my daily life for about the last month. So, in the interest of satisfying whatever mystical force might be at work here, it’s time to write an article about bananas...

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