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Conductance Technology: Automotive Battery Testing

How does one determine whether an automotive battery is good or not?  Can a technician accurately determine if a battery will last several more years or if it is time for replacement?  Are there opportunities that advanced technology in battery testing could provide to the automotive industry...


Brakes 101 - Tools & Equipment of the Trade

Imagine conducting business without the appropriate tools. Without a calculator, tax season would be impossible for an accountant. Without a stethoscope a doctor would have a challenging time listening to the rhythm of a patient’s heartbeat...


Unique ABS Solutions: Separating Hard Failures from Elusive Encounters

The vehicle owner encounters an illuminated ABS lamp.  The technician scans the system, identifying a wheel speed sensor fault code, and replaces the sensor...


Tire Repair: Safe, Reliable and Permanent

A 2006 Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) study of more than 14,000 discarded tires revealed that 17 percent of those tires had been repaired at some point during their service life...


They're Back

If you ask most technicians their opinions of trapped rotors you won't hear too many positives. As we all know, trapped or captive rotors are rotors that are placed behind the hub, as shown in Figure 1...

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