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When Mighty automotive aftermarket veterans Gary Vann and Mike Hudgins realized that nation-wide, the fundamental vehicle inspection was seriously under-utilized, they set out on a mission.

The result is the Vehicle Inspection Playbook- full of practical methods, tips and success stories geared to improve your Preventive Maintenance market share.

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What is inside this eBook:

FACTS on what your vehicle inspections will likely find. Share these with your team to help sell and motivate them.
COMMON MYTHS and objections you have probably heard.
15 "plays" TO IMPROVE your inspection program including specific techniques to address common problems such as: How to ensure that techs don't routinely check off items without actually inspecting them
How to make sure that your inspectors are not overselling
How to have a consistent program at multiple locations
The PERFECT INSPECTION FORM— ideas to make it better.



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