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(NET PLUS) Noise Elimination Technology Plus Positive Mold Performance Mighty System XL with Noise Elimination Technology

Mighty System XL with Noise Elimination Technology utilizes a combination of key construction features designed to combat Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH). NET development begins with the highest-grade materials pressed in positive mold cavities to optimize friction compressibility. NET pads follow O.E. configurations to insure fit and function, and deliver maximum performance by using multiple chamfer designs, slots and quality noise abatement shims. Raw materials used to manufacture each friction formulation are of the highest quality and are exclusively sourced in North America.


Plus: Advantages of Positive Mold Technology  Advantages of Positive Mold Technology

Positive Mold Technology is a manufacturing process used by original equipment friction suppliers.  A Positive Mold press directs heat and pressure to each mold cavity separately to insure consistent compressibility when forming the brake pad.  Compressibility is a key feature in brake noise reduction.  This process is superior to traditional aftermarket methods that apply pressure over multiple cavities.  Advantages to Positive Mold include:

  • Requires less resin material in the formulation during manufacturing
  • With low-resin content, pads are less susceptible to heat fade
  • Friction compressibility remains consistent to insure quiet operation
  • Promotes longer pad life
  • Significant reduction in harmful brake dust



Mighty TecSelect offers test proven Ceramic, Non-Asbestos Organic and Semi-Metallic friction formulations for most domestic and import vehicle applications. Friction materials are post cured for safe and consistent performance. TecSelect utilizes a combination of shims, slots and chamfers to maximize brake pad performance.





System XL Severe Duty

For those who need maximum stopping power in tough, high heat conditions, without excessive lining or rotor wear.

System XL Severe Duty CarSystem XL Severe Duty Van

System XL Severe Duty Van1

Brake Shoes

This "OutRight" shoe program means there is no need to handle messy cores. Shoes include parking brake levers and pins to match O.E. requirements.

System XL Brake Shoes









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