Cooling System Rapid Flush

Cooling System Rapid Flush - CL103   

Formulated to be compatible with all flush machines, Mighty VS7 Cooling System Rapid Flush contains alkaline cleaners and inhibitors that are designed to remove rust, scale, grease and other deposits in the cooling system.

Cooling System Rapid Flush - CL103


• Safe to use with all flush equipment
• Safe to use with aluminum, copper, brass, iron, steel and rubber parts
• Can be used with old antifreeze, including DEX-COOL
• Does not require a neutralizer


Cooling system failure is one of the leading causes of mechanical breakdown on the highway. Rust, corrosion, scale build-up and chemical breakdown all contribute to the likelihood of this failure. Using Mighty VS7 Cooling System Rapid Flush will remove these deposits and get the cooling system back to good working order.

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