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Issues: 2015-2014

On the Line: Brake System Failures

Brake System Failures: Dealing with Brake Line Corrosion

I had just read with interest an article published by The Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) concerning a brake line investigation and how it had been closed without identifying a defect that would initiate a recall order on GM trucks and SUVs built in model years 1999-2003. More than four years was spent investigating corrosion...


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On the Line: Gasoline Direct Injection Identifying Normal System Characteristics

What's the Hubbub with Wheel Bearings? Know This Multi-Function Component

With the early model vehicles, packing wheel bearings was a required routine service, or a service performed during a brake job. Theinspection involved removing the bearings and washing them in a solvent, including the race, and performing a visual inspection. Ths form of inspection is not possible with the current sealed hub bearing assemblies, which may contain...


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On the Line: Gasoline Direct Injection Identifying Normal System Characteristics

Gasoline Direct Injection: Identifying Normal System Characteristics

In the last On The Line article titled "Gasoline Direct Injection...And New Service Opportunities," we addressed the benefits of the direct injection system in improved performance and fuel efficiency. With this system, fuel is injected directly into the combustion chambers at pressures that can exceed 2,000 psi. With the assistance of a...


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On the Line: Gasoline Direct Injection

Gasoline Direct Injection And New Service Opportunities

Gasoline Direct Injection comes with a new set of challenges and service opportunities that the technician must be familiar with. Many of today's vehicles are fited with a relatively new fuel system technology for the automobile, referred to as Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI). While this technology has been around for 100 years, it has just become widely...


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On the Line: Air Intake Restrictions Due to Inclement Weather Conditions

Factory Solutions For Excessive Oil Consumption

New engine technology poses many challenges. Smaller displacement engines producing more horsepower with lower emission output, while achieving better fuel economy, comes with its own set of challenges once the vehicle has been put into service. During the initial break-in of an engine...


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On the Line: Air Intake Restrictions Due to Inclement Weather Conditions

Air Intake Restrictions: Due to Inclement Weather Conditions

The Chevrolet Silverado equipped with a 6.6L Turbo Diesel was down on power, the malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) was illuminated and a PO101 mass air flow sensor (MAF) performance code was set in the current failure and history file, and the...


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On the Line: Establishing Labor Charges

Establishing Labor Charges And Making Legitimate Service Recommendations

Never let a customer feel as if they have been overcharged or taken advantage of. A courtesy service/ inspection can make you money and generate a lot of goodwill and referrals. Independents and new car dealer service departments share...


On the Line: Oil Leaks Can Be Challenging

Oil Leaks Can Be Challenging: Take Time to Make an Accurate Diagnosis

Looking for the quick fix almost always results in a return, and is sometimes accompanied by a customer whose patience is wearing thin. It started with a basic lube, oil and filter change. A thorough vehicle inspection resulted in the...



On the Line: Servicing Ford's Power Stroke

Servicing Ford's Power Stroke Dealing with Aerated Fuel

Major performance symptoms occur when a diesel fuel system becomes aerated. With some systems these conditions are due to problems inherent in the system by design. Improper fuel filter installation procedures or poor lube and filter service intervals can promote the same...