"I bought six tire centers...

When I did a walk-through of the stockrooms...that's when the fun began. The rooms were a disaster-filthy, dusty, dirty and disorganized. The inventory was mismanaged and I found that I owned $75,000 worth of inventory that was totally useless!"

"It got worse...

The service managers were in dire need of training. The mighty guys trained my management team in professional salesmanship, on location and at their home office in Atlanta. My Sales shot up 50% with Mighty marketing strategies and training."

"We were told outright what we were missing...

I listened. The fact is that we were primarily a tire stores, and the preventative maintenance approach was not part of my skill set. So with Mighty's help, we have had phenomenal success in growing our preventative maintenance sales with a 65% margin."

  • Inventory Management and Obsolescence Protection
  • Ongoing in-house and classroom training
  • dramatic improvements in customer retention and profitability

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