Between October 1 and November 30, 2015, your customers can recieve up to $110 back towards their next service, exclusively at your shop, when they purchase the following valuable services:*

Brake Pad and Rotor Replacement (maximum per vehicle $50):

Brake Pad Replacement - $15 (per axle)

Brake Rotor Replacement - $5 (per rotor)

Wiper Blade Replacement (maximum per vehicle $15):

Aero/Visao - $10

Conventional - $5

Rear - $5

Any of the VS7® Services listed below (maximum per vehicle $45):

Fuel System Cleaning - $15

  • FL116 3-Step Induction Kit
  • FL135 Fuel Injector Cleaner
  • SB300 Synthetic Total Intake Cleaner & FL108 Fuel System Cleaners
  • SB400 Power 2D 2-Step Diesel Revitalizer
  • SB450 VPAK 2- Step Fuel System Cleaner
  • SB500 Fusion FSC 2-Step Fuel System Cleaner

Power Steering Cleaning - $15

  • SB105 Synthetic P/S 2-Step Service
  • SB120 Synthetic P/S Kit (PS111/SB104)
  • PS115 Natural P/S Kit (PS113/SB104)

Differential Service - $15

  • SB106 Limited Slip Differential Supplement
  • TR110 75W140 Synthetic Gear Oil



How does the Program Work?

We'll pay your customers up to $110 toward their next visit to your shop when they purchase any of the PM services shown on the left.

For the professional technician or service advisor, the program is easy to use. Simply sell the needed service, recommend the appropriate product(s) and advise the consumer of the rebate available. Attractive point of purchase (POP) materials make this easy to do!

Less paperwork.  More repeat business.

Provide the consumer with the rebate claim form along with their copy of the receipt. The consumer completes the paperwork and mails the form. The consumer will receive a check for the rebate dollar amount earned, made payable to you! When the consumer presents the check, simply apply it to their next service or purchase. You provide the valuable service and benefit from the repeat customer and increased sales and profit.

Build repeat business with Mighty's fall consumer rebates!

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