Multi-Fluid Kit 

Multi-Fluid Test Kit - MN121

Mighty VS7 Multi-Fluid Test Kit is a patented radial planner chromatographic diagnostic tool that provides analysis of a fluid's additive package, its dispersant properties and total sludge or debris content.

Multi-Fluid Test Kit - MN121

  • Measures the level of sludge in a lubricant including:  Motor Oil, Diesel Oil, Automatic Transmission Fluid, Power Steering Fluid, Brake Fluid and Gear Lube
  • Eliminates doubt as to whether visual inspection or mileage is accurate, giving you positive proof when it is time to change a lubricant
  • Reduces liability and enhances maintenance records-Improves customer loyalty by letting customers know the true status of their vehicles


Mighty VS7 Multi-Fluid Test Kit answers the questions service writers have been struggling to address and the customers want to know, What is the condition of the vehicle's fluids and do they need to be serviced?

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