Tech Tips 150-141

Troubleshooting Solutions for some elusive Brake and Suspension Symptoms

Troubleshooting Solutions For Some Elusive Brake and Suspension Symptoms
Tech Tip #150

Troubleshooting driveability symptoms based solely on a description provided by the vehicle owner can be a real challenge for the technician. A road test with the customer is the preferred method of obtaining the crucial information necessary to make an accurate...

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Normal or Severe Service Selecting the Proper Lube Service Intervals

Normal or Severe Service: Selecting the Proper Lube Service Interval
Tech Tip #149

Are you recommending the proper lubrication service interval to your customers? Be aware that there is more to making the service recommendation than monitoring the miles driven between lube services. Technological advancements in engine design...

Filter Solutions

Filter Solutions for Some Challenging Conditions
Tech Tip #148

Complaints of leakage following a fuel filter installation are not uncommon with the Duramax applications.The vehicles affected include GM's Duramax turbocharged diesel applications produced from 2001–2009. Part of the problem is the accessibility of the filter...

Establishing Good Connections - Electrical Systems

Establishing Good Connections: Improper Connections Promote Electrical Challenges
Tech Tip #147

Diagnosing electrical problems can be challenging, even for the most experienced technician. Unfortunately, few electrical problems are hard failures and instead fit the challenging category of intermittent failures. Intermittent problems may be affected by heat, cold, or vibration...

Simple Solutions for Some Perplexing Brake Problems

Simple Solutions for Some Perplexing Brake Problems
Tech Tip #146

While installing a new set of tires on a 2005 Nissan Maxima, a safety inspection was performed as a courtesy to the customer. The technician recommended that the disc pads should be replaced and the calipers were  keeping fluid around the piston seals. Days later...


Common Brake Symptoms

Common Brake Symptoms: Sometimes They Require Unique Solutions
Tech Tip #145

Diagnosing brake related complaints can be a challenge. A well trained brake technician can follow a  methodical diagnostic procedure and still be faced with the same annoying brake complaint. Sometimes the technician will resolve a problem temporarily...

Smart Engine Systems: Servicing Vehicles Equipped with Variable Valve Timing

Smart Engine Systems: Servicing Vehicles Equipped with Variable Valve Timing
Tech Tip #144


Engines equipped with Variable Valve Timing have special lubrication and maintenance requirements. Neglecting the vehicle manufacturer's service recommendations can result in major engine  performance deficiencies. Imagine changing the oil and filter on...

Lube Service Solutions: It May Require a Factory Fix

Lube Service Solutions: It May Require a Factory Fix
Tech Tip #143

Imagine changing the oil and filter on a 2006 Nissan Maxima, and a few days later the customer encounters droplets of oil on the carport. The customer assumes the problem is a leaking oil filter and they return the vehicle to you for an inspection. Hurriedly...

Eliminating Belt Noise - Check for Factory Solutions!

Eliminating Belt Noice: Check for Factory Solutions!
Tech Tip #142

Nothing can be more frustrating to the customer than a high-pitched belt squeal or an annoying chirping sound coming from the accessory drive belt or pulleys. The first suspect is almost always the belt, and it is often replaced numerous times in a futile effort to eliminate the noise.

Throttle Body Maintenance

Throttle Body Maintenance: A System Clean-Up May Prevent Costly Repairs
Tech Tip #141

When you perform maintenance or service a customer's vehicle, are you inspecting the throttle body for  contamination and recommending a clean-up when needed? If you are like the majority, you are not doing that. Most technicians wait until the customer complains about...