Throttle Plate Cleaner

Throttle Plate Cleaner - FL109

Mighty VS7 Throttle Plate Cleaner is made with a special blend of solvents that quickly removes gums, resins and varnish from both sides of the throttle plate in order to help correct rough idle and stalling problems associated with these deposits. Throttle Plate Cleaner effectively removes build-up on the idle control solenoid and help clear partially blocked air passages.

Throttle Plate Cleaner - FL109

  • Removes deposits from throttle plate and throttle body
  • Cleans idle control solenoid
  • Helps maintain fuel mileage
  • Cleans air intake system
  • Safe for the oxygen sensor and catalytic converter


A must when doing a tune-up, Mighty VS7 Throttle Plate Cleaner improves the driveability of the vehicle by removing built-up deposits on the throttle plate and throttle body.


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