ATF Converter - Dexron VI - SB108

Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid M-V Supplement
A uniquely blended synthetic product specifically formulated to convert and enhance Dexron III/Mercon fluid into a Mercon VI type fluid.  Mighty VS7 Convertor – Mercon VI Supplement contains SE (synthetic esters), which reduce heat and wear, extending transmission fluid life.  The formulation also incorporates friction modifiers and boundary lubricants for optimum transmission performance, while reducing operating temperatures."

- Contains lubrication enhancers
- Keeps components functioning freely
- Prevents torque converter lock-up and shudder
- Extends fluid life

Mighty VS7 Synthetic D-VI Transmission Fluid Supplement saves you money!  This product eliminates the need to stock Mercon VI fluid.  This formula prevents torque converter shudder.  Reduces valve body wear.  Inhibits overheating & fluid oxidation.  Is compatible with Electronics Frictions and Seals.  Protects transmission internal parts and components.  Meets the requirements for vehicles requiring Mercon VI type fluid."

SB108 MSDS Sheet

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