ATF Converter - Mercon V - SB102

Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid M-V Supplement
A unique, blended product speifically designed to convert and enhance Dexron III/Mercon fluid into a Mercon V type fluid. Mighty VS7 ATF Converter - Mercon V will extend the life of the fluid and prevent torque converter lock-up and shudder.

- Contains lubrication enhancers
- Keeps components functioning freely
- Prevents torque converter lock-up and shudder
- Extends fluid life

Mighty VS7 ATF Converter - Mercon V saves you money! This product eliminates the need to stock Mercon V fluid. This formula improves low temperature shifting, prevents overheating and oxidation and extends the life of the fluid. Dexron III/Mercon V fluid treated with Mighty VS7 ATF Converter - Mercon V meets the requirements for vehicles requiring Mercon V type fluid.

SB102 MSDS Sheet

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