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Test Equipment MDX-PBT-300

Test Equipment MDX-PBT-300 Battery Tester

The very latest in professional testers

With an expanded test range that makes troubleshooting even easier than before, the PBT-300 series represents the latest in the PBT battery and electrical system testers designed for the professional technician.

Expanded Test Range for Complete 
Electrical System Diagnostics

The PBT-300 brings even more of the power of Midtronics battery and electrical system testing technology from the show to the palm of the technician's hand. It includes all the features of the PBT-200, plus:

  • Expanded measurement range from 100–1400 CCA
  • Green and red LEDs give fast decisions on starter and charging system testing
  • Starter system testing: pressing the down arrow displays the captured voltage from cranking the engine
  • Charging system testing: pressing the up arrow displays the captured high voltage from the alternator

Test Equipment MDX-700PHD

MDX-700PHD Battery Tester

  • Created specifically for the heavy duty commercial and fleet markets
  • Easy for anyone to test the full electrical system on heavy duty vehicles
  • Full test results, including multiple battery tests, can be printed on integrated printer
  • 15' Heavy duty removable cable set allows running tests from the cab
  • Multiple vehicle applications (auto, Group 31, motorcycle, marine, lawn and commercial 4D/8D)
  • Tests 6 & 12 volt batteries, 12 & 24 volt charging systems
  • Tests multiple batteries' chemistries (CCA, CA, MCA, JIS, SAE, EN, DIN, IEC)

Test Equipment HYB-1000

HYB-1000 Hybrid Battery System Analyzer

  • Provides technicians with the capability to perform battery service maintenance testing on several leading Hybrid vehicles
  • Simply connect the wireless convergence communication module to the vehicle's on-board diagnostics port
  • The drive test is an interactive, menu-driven test that uses live vehicle sensor information while performing an accelerated drive test


EXP-800L Battery & Electrical Diagnostic Analyzer

  • Integrated printer and carrying bag
  • Combines direct temperature measurement and deep scan technology to improve accuracy and decisiveness
  • Identifies all stages of battery life
  • Large graphical screen and graphical printout
  • Multiple vehicle applications (auto, motorcyle, marine, lawn and commercial)
  • Tests 6 & 12 volt batteries, 12 & 24 volt charging systems

Test Equipment MDX-P300

MDX-P300 Battery Tester

  • Integrated printer
  • Customized printout header
  • Tests 12 volt batteries and electrical systems
  • Tests batteries from 100 to 1400 CCA
  • Tests multiple batteries' chemistries (SAE, AGM, GEL)
  • Takes minutes to test

Test Equipment MDX-650P

MDX-650P Battery Tester

  • Integrated printer and carrying bag
  • Prints results
  • Large back-lit screen
  • Multiple vehicle applications (auto, motorcycle, marine, lawn and commercial)
  • Tests 6 & 12 volt batteries, 12 & 24 volt charging systems
  • Takes minutes to test

AMP-100 Ultimate Portable Multi-Meter

  • Low level DC amp range for easy detection of excessive parasitic drain
  • 200A DC amp range to measure system output level for advanced starter diagnosis
  • Small jaw size for fitting into tight places and easier to get the right cable for accurate measurement
  • One touch zero button for simple operation
  • Hold button to freeze the reading on the LCD when you can reach your measurement points but can't see the display
  • Max/Min button to display and update either the Max or Min measurement when activated