Coolant & Conditioner Kit

Coolant & Conditioner Kit - CL108

This 2-step treatment removes rust, scale and grease from the cooling system, and is safe for all metal, aluminium, rubber and plastic parts.

Coolant & Conditioner Kit - CL108

Step One (Cooling System Flush) Features:

  • Cleans cooling system
  • Safe for all metal, aluminum, rubber and plastic parts
  • Neutralizer not needed
  • Compatible with all anti-freeze, including extended life
  • Ideal for flushing machines

Step Two (Cooling System Conditioner) Features:

  • Cooling System Rust Inhibitor
  • Stops formation of rust, corrosion and scale
  • Protects cooling system parts
  • Protects aluminum, brass, copper, iron and other metal parts
  • Compatible with all anti-freeze

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