Cooling System Conditioner

Cooling System Conditioner - CL104

Cooling System Conditioner - CL104

Mighty VS7 Cooling System Conditioner utilizes an improved corrosion inhibitor instead of a milky, soluble oil. This product is a clear, soluble formulation that offers rust protection for iron, reduces "white rust" corrosion on aluminum and greatly reduces galvanic corrosion of dissimilar metals such as copper, iron and aluminum found in today's cooling systems. Mighty VS7 Cooling System Conditioner is compatible with all flush equipment.


 Stops corrosion, disperses rust and scale while you drive
 Protects all cooling system metal parts with a "magnetic" film
 Prevents overheating caused by an insufficient inhibitor concentration
 Lubricates the water pump and stops pump squeaks
 Mixes with all types of antifreeze, including DEX-COOL

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