Synthetic Transmission Flush - SB200

Formulated to be used with all flushing machines, the Mighty VS7 Synthetic Transmission Flush is compatible with all transmission fluids and does not contain harmful solvents which could damage internal clutch and seal surfaces. This product can be used with or without flushing machines.

- Safe for all flushing equipment
- Prepares transmission for new fluids
- Releases varnish, corrosion and deposits
- Will not clog filters or affect seals or clutch plate frictions
- Contains no alcohol, mineral spirits or harsh solvents
- Can be used with or without flushing equipment

Mighty VS7 Synthetic Transmission Flush cuts the cost of service by reducing the amount of clean transmission fluid required to act as the flushing agent. This formula cleans clutch valve surfaces which can affect transmission shift performance. By cleaning out the old fluid and replacing it with new, fresh fluid, torque shudder should be eliminated.

SB200 MSDS Sheet

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