Top Engine Cleaner

Top Engine Cleaner - FL112

Mighty VS7 Top Engine Cleaner is a unique blend of solvents, surfactants, emulsifiers, penetrants and lubricants. Top Engine Cleaner aids in the removal of carbon and other deposits from intake valves, upper cylinders, compression rings and carburetors. It will not harm other engine parts, oxygen sensors or catalytic converters.

Top Engine Cleaner - FL112


  • Eliminates cold start problems
  • Eliminates carbon knock
  • Decreases emissions
  • Removes deposits without harming other engine components
  • Helps maintain fuel mileage


Mighty VS7 Top Engine Cleaner cures driveability problems by removing intake valve and combustion chamber deposits. Left untreated, these deposits cause piston rings to stick and cause carbon knock resulting in poor engine response.

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