Wheel Weights

Proper tire balance helps to ensure a vehicle's safe handling, wheel weightscomfortable ride and extended tire life. To assist professionals in performing consistent tire service, including balancing, Mighty offers a complete clip-on and adhesive wheel weight program that covers all wheel types. In addition to a lead wheel weight program, Mighty also offers an original equipment designed non-lead program.

Non-lead wheel weights are gaining in popularity, both in the original equipment arena and in the aftermarket. The move away from lead wheel weights is being fueled by environmental and health concerns. Today, a number of states have enacted laws banning the use of lead wheel weights entirely. Preparing for the eventual phase out of lead weights, Mighty offers a complete non-lead program that incorporates Steel and Zinc, and are available in clip-on as well as adhesive. Mighty's non-lead program continues to follow original equipment design and meets governmental requirements as a low environmental impact product.

wheel weights


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