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Our Services : Lifetime Protection Warranty

VS7 Lifetime Protection Program

Mighty offers a FREE sales tool to help our retailers grow their Preventative Maintenance sales and keep their customers coming back for required, regular maintenance.

This program offers the end consumer:

  • Confidence that the Mighty VS7 products being used as part of PM services on their vehicles are top quality.
  • Peace of mind; knowing that if they maintain their vehicles as required, and there is a failure of a covered part, there is "insurance" to cover the repairs needed.

Here's how the program works:

Consumers initiate the program by having a service performed on their vehicle using one of the required Mighty VS7 products.  To maintain the program, the consumer must have the same service repeated within a specific mileage or month interval as shown below:


The amount of coverage is determined by the mileage of the vehicle at the time of the initial service as shown below. There is also a 500-mile grace period on each plan. After the initial service, there is a 60-day OR 750-mile waiting period.

Vehicle Mileage: 0-50,000 miles                 Coverage Amount: $4,000 / $6,000*

Vehicle Mileage: 50,0001-100,000 miles    Coverage Amount: $2,000 / $3,000*

*Higher coverage amounts ONLY  for Engine System AND ONLY if ALL oil changes performed with either Engine Guard full-synthetic motor oil OR Royal Purple full synthetic motor oil AND a Mighty MAX oil filter.


VS7 products to use to keep the program in force:*

  • Engine (Gasoline only):
    • LPW-1: Cleaner (OL105 or OL106), Additive (OL102 or OL103)
    • LPW-2 & LPW3: Cleaner (OL105 or OL106) 
  • Fuel
    • Gasoline: FL116 or SB450 or SB500
    • Diesel: SB400
  • Brakes: BK104 or BK105 or BK106 or BK107 or BK108
  • Cooling: VS7® Coolant & Conditioner Kit CL108 (which includes CL103 and CL104)
  • Differential: SB106 or TR110
  • Power Steering: (SB105 and PS102 or PS103 or PS112 of PS113) OR (SB120 or PS115 and PS111) 
  • Transmission (Automatic): SB100 and manufacturer approved ATF like TR120 or TR200
  • Transmission (CVT): SB202

* See program statements for complete details (LPW1, LPW2, and LPW3 linked above)

Contact your local Mighty Rep for complete details of the VS7 Lifetime Protection Program today!