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Tech Tip 0168

Aerated Duramax: Getting the Air Out of the Fuel System

Tech Tip #168

Imagine performing a fuel filter service on GM's Duramax 6.6L Turbo Diesel.  You just installed a new fuel filter and performed the proper priming procedure to bleed the air from the system...

Tech Tip 0169

Aerated Power Stroke: Dealing with Air in the Fuel System

Tech Tip #169

Aerated fuel can create some major performance problems for a diesel application and some difficult challenges for the technician.  While some fuel injector problems may be inherent in the system by design, many of the issues are the result of improper fuel filter installation procedures, or poor lube and filter service intervals... 

Tech Tip 0174

Air Filter Restrictions Due to Snow and Water Related Conditions

Tech Tip #174

In previous articles we have cautioned on the importance of air filter maintenance on diesel applications to prevent catastrophic engine and turbocharger failures. This information is included in Tech Tips #110 Ford's Power Stroke, #124 Servicing Dodge's Turbo Diesel, and #139 Filtering GM's Duramax Diesel. Those articles...

Tech Tip 0176

Air Filters and Housings: The System Must Be Properly Sealed

Tech Tip #176

Performing an air filter inspection is a key part of the vehicle inspection process. A contaminated or improperly sealed air filter can have a major impact on the performance of the engine, its longevity, or damage to costly electronic sensors. In addition to inspecting the air filter for...

Tech Tip 0163

Battery Facts: Troubleshooting Low Voltage and Electrical Interference Symptoms

Tech Tip #163

Are you up to speed on starting performance and electrical related concerns due to low battery voltage conditions?  With today's systems...

Tech Tip 0183

Battery Management: The Challenges of a Smart System

Tech Tip #183

Do you know all there is to know concerning a battery replacement? Most assume they do, but later they may realize they should have done some research. Technology changes the way we must perform some services and troubleshoot some systems. Based on the application, battery replacement is becoming a technical procedure that may require a skill level above the average do-it-yourselfer with some basic tools. Instead, the service may require some specialty tools.. 

Tech Tip 0106

Belt Noise: How to Deal with the Squel

Tech Tip #106

With the exception of brake squeal, nothing gets the customer more irritated than belt squeal. And getting the belt noise out can be a real challenge. Rather than diagnose the condition, many just throw a belt or two at the symptom in a futile effort to eliminate the noise. While you are certain the third belt was the solution, chances are the frustrated customer took his vehicle to another facility where the condition was diagnosed and corrected. A new belt may...

Tech Tip 0138

Brake and Suspension Solutions

Tech Tip #138

Diagnosing a squeak, rattle or knocking condition can be a frustrating experience.  The first step in the diagnostic process is to always make a road test with the vehicle owner...

Tech Tip 0182

Brakes and Suspension Solutions: For Some Difficult to Diagnose Symptoms

Tech Tip #182

Front Brake Caliper Leak

GM has identified a defect in certain 2015 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon vehicles whereby the front brake calipers on these vehicles can leak brake fluid. The condition is caused by tiny air pockets in the caliper castings that occurred during the casting process. If the casting contains a continuous string of air pockets that penetrate the casting, brake fluid leakage can occur. This condition can result...

Tech Tip 0136

Brake Fluid Facts: It May Be Time For A Complete System Flush

Tech Tip #136

With a customer complaint of a fading brake pedal, most technicians automatically assume friction as the culprit.  Installing a new or different type of friction formulation may not satisfy the pedal fading symptoms, especially if the brake fluid is contaminated...

Tech Tip 0117

Brake Roughness And Pedal Pulsation: A Factory Solution for the Grand Cherokee's Pedal Pulsation

Tech Tip #117

Getting the pulse out of a brake pedal is one issue; keeping it out is another. In the case of a 1999– 2002 Grand Cherokee, it will take a factory solution to alleviate the problem. Some problems are not fixable, at least without some factory modifications. Identifying these early on can save you and the customer much frustration. The pressure is...

Tech Tip 0140

Cabin Air Filters: It May Be Time for a Ventilation System Clean-Up

Tech Tip #140

With a customer complaint of reduced air flow from the A/C vents, the technician questioned the customer as to when the cabin air filter was last replaced.  The response from the customer was typical - "What's a cabin air filter?"  Most vehicle owners are not aware that their vehicle is fitted with a cabin air filter...

Tech Tip 0102

Canceling Noises: Elusive Brake and Suspension Noises

Tech Tip #102

Take a poll of the brake shops for the most frustrating brake complaint. Brake noise will win the survey, hands down. A brake specialist can perform a brake service by the book, perform everything the vehicle manufacturer or brake parts supplier recommends and still be faced with the noise condition. Trust me, the vehicle manufacturers are faced with the same complaints from their dealers. And some of the vehicle manufacturers acknowledge that under certain conditions, brake noises are inevitable...

Tech Tip 0103

Charging System Problems: There's More to "Em Than Just a Dead Battery

Tech Tip #103

The next time you tackle that impossible-to-diagnose performance problem, you may want to consider a charging system related problem. And then the high or low voltage condition may be an ECM-PCM or a scan tool just leading you astray. Consider the following situations that eluded some sharp technicians..

Tech Tip 0151

Chemical Deposits: They Can Create Major Performance Problems

Tech Tip #151

The crusty deposits that form on the intake valves and fuel injector tips can create major engine performance problems...

Tech Tip 0125

Chevy Truck Brakes: Solving Pattern Complaints and Failures

Tech Tip #125

When the hotlines and brake technicians are inundated with multiple complaints of the same nature on a given series vehicle, it’s almost certain that the symptoms are a normal characteristic for that platform. While the symptoms may be normal for that vehicle, the owner may not be that understanding. For example, when a customer has a brake job performed on their vehicle they expect a good pedal feel, a quiet stop, and no pedal pulsations. Anything...

Tech Tip 0180

Chrysler's 3.6L Pentastar Engine with Oil Filter Housing Leakage

Tech Tip #180

Imagine changing the oil and filter on a customer's vehicle and a few days later they return with a repair bill totaling several hundred dollars for a new oil filter housing to correct an oil leakage problem...

Tech Tip 0145

Common Brake Symptoms: Sometimes They Require Unique Solutions

Tech Tip #145

Diagnosing brake related complaints can be a challenge.  A well trained brake technician can follow a methodical diagnostic procedure and still be faced with the same annoying brake complaint...

Tech Tip 0186

Controlling Oil Pressure: It's a Matter of Regulation

Tech Tip #186

When examining oil filters that are deformed from excessive pressure, filter gaskets blown or canister lock-seams unrolled, there is a reason for these conditions. While the oil filter is usually blamed for these conditions, the actual cause is over-pressurization due to a malfunction within the oil pump. Read on for pressurization issues involving GM, Kia and Hyundai...

Tech Tip 0119

Cooling System Problems: Troubleshoot the System Instead of Throwing Parts at the Symptom

Tech Tip #119

When cooling system or belt driven components encounter problems, don’t get so anxious to fix the problem that you miss the diagnosis. Nothing is worse than a customer having to return multiple times for the same repair, when a little detective work by the technician could have prevented the condition...

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