Engine Sealer

Engine Sealer - OL101           

Engine Sealer is an inexpensive alternative to costly seal replacement. It contains a swelling agent to recondition old seals and eliminate most oil leaks. Compatible with all motor oils, Engine Sealer will not restrict low temperature oil flow or plug oil filters or engine journals. Safe for gasoline and diesel engines.

Engine Sealer - OL101


  • Specially formulated for lube professionals
  • Compatible with all motor oils
  • Revitalizes neoprene seals and gaskets (not cork or Permatex gaskets)
  • Contains no solids that could plug filters or lines
  • Does not harm low temperature oil flow
  • Safe for gasoline and diesel engines


Mighty VS7 Engine Sealer is a synthetic elastomer seal conditioner and controlled sealer. This formula usually stops or reduces oil leaks for 2-3 oil changes or 6,000 to 9,000 miles depending on the severity of the leak. It is compatible with synthetic, diesel and conventional motor oil.

Note: Do not use in transmissions or power steering units due to incompatible base oils.

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