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SteerClean 1000

SteerClean 1000

Power Steering Service Machine

  • Quickly cleans and refills the power steering system in less than 10 minutes
  • Can perform service manually or automatically
  • Long wand allows for service on vehicles with remote reservoir
  • Completes services with no spills
  • No shop air or power required – runs off of 12 volt DC
  • Part # 207100M

BrakeVac II

BrakeVac II

Fast & Efficient Brake Bleeding System

  • Complete brake system flush in just 10 minutes
  • Pressure and vacuum assist ensuring quick operation.
  • One man operation
  • Adjustable pressure regulator controls operating pressure
  • Part # 500-8100M

CoolantClean III

CoolantClean III

Professional Coolant Exchange Service Center

  • Complete coolant exchange in just minutes
  • Operates with engine on or off
  • Onboard waste tank has a 26 quart (24.6L) capacity
  • One Multi-Function Switch
  • Part # 500-5100M

CarbonClean 1000

CarbonClean® 1000

Everything you need to provide the tune-up for the 21st century.

  • Complete, professional through-rail fuel system decarbonizing service
  • Unique time saving adapter system makes connecting to the rail simple and fast
  • Premixed detergent solution utilized MotorVac’s proprietary CarbonClean chemistry
  • Online application guide
  • Part # 500-0220


TransTech III

Fast & Efficient ATF Exchange System

  • ATF exchange service complete in just minutes
  • Simple connection through the transmission cooler lines
  • Technician-friendly controls Two onboard 26 quart (24.6L) capacity tanks
  • Part # 500-1100M

TransTech IV

2 in 1 ATF Exchange System

  • All the benefits of the TransTech III
  • Inline Exchange – The conventional ATF exchange method provides an effective transmission flush by connecting directly to the transmission cooler lines. Includes foreign and domestic adapters
  • Dipstick Exchange – convenient dipstick tube exchange for vehicles with difficult ATF cooler line access or corrosion
  • Part # 500-1125M

Diff-Vac 1000

Diff-Vac 1000

Differential & Multi-Fluid Exchange System

  • Utilizes two 5 GPM diaphragm pumps

  • Air operated-no wasted time

  • Two dedicated pumps-no-cross contamination between new and used fluid

  • Easy to operate

  • Part # 500-9025M