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Issues: 2011-2010

On the Line: Diesel Service Tips

Diesel Service Tips That Can Save a Lube Service Tech Much Frustration


Diesel applications often present the most chal-lenges for lube service technicians. Unfortunately, most do not get the opportunity to service many diesels, and therefore do not establish a pattern of normal characteristics of the engine. How many times have you serviced a vehicle and the customer returned complaining...



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On the Line: A Simple Diagnostic Solution

A Simple Diagnostic Solution For Some Frustrating Engine Performance Symptoms

Difficult to diagnose symptoms often have a simple diagnostic solution. It is importan that you perform some basic tests concerning the overall health of the engine before you dive too deep into the diagnostics. It can save the cusomter a lot of money and the technician a lot of frustration...


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On the Line: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The Occasional Dilemma May Require Some Concessions


If you have been in this business for a few years, you will appreciate the following sequence of events, as you have probably been there. Those who haven't should take heed, because eventually you will have the experience. Have you ever pulled a vehicle into...



On the Line: Performing Inspections

Performing Inspections: How to Make Service Recommendations

Perform a thorough inspection prior to making a service recommendation. It is easy to fall into a pattern of just performing those services requested by the vehicle owner. Neglecting to perform an inspec-tion can result in...



On the Line: Aftermarket Oil Filters

Aftermarket Oil Filters And the Factory Warranty

A misinterpreted factory service bulletin has stirred much controversy and confusion. The message from the vehicle manufacturer is clear and any reputable filer supplier/manufacturer should be comfortable with information contained in the bulletin...

On the Line: Disturbing the Air Flow

Disturbing the Air Flow: Turbulent Airway Promotes Check Engine Lamp and Trouble Codes

Imagine servicing a vehicle that includes an air filer inspection or replacement. The customer returns the next morning with an illuminated Check Engine lamp, convinced that the problem was related to your services. Later, it would be determined that there was more to the story...