On the Line 2013-2012

On the Line: Diesel Fuel Filters and the Challenge of Fuel System Aeration

Diesel Fuel Filters And the Challenge of Fuel System Aeration

You just serviced the customer's Duramax diesel and installed a new fuel filter. You followed the proper bleeding procedure to remove the air, and the vehicle started and ran perfectly. To your surprise, the customer calls the next morning with a no-start condition...


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On the Line: Lube Service Challenges

Lube Service Challenges: New Technology Requires New Level of Service

In the past, most powertrains were forgiving whe it came to lubricants, oil viscosisties, and engine deposits. Many lube shops consolidated and took the approach that one oil viscosity was suitable for all applications. Taking this approach on one of the newer engine...


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On the Line: Diesel Applications

Diesel Applications Can Pose Some Challenging Symptoms

The majority of the questions and concerns tha we receive regarding fuel filter installations involve diesel applications. The diesel power plants can offer some challenging experiences. Some basic precautions are neccessary to prevent personal injury... 


On the Line: Throttle Body Cleaning

Throttle Body Cleaning: It May Require Some Computer Relearning

Throttle body cleaning may require some computer learning and possibly al ittle training for the service technician. Are you up to speed on throttle body cleaning and idle-speed re-learn? If not, read on to have an understanding of high idle condition that can occur...



On the Line: Driveline Bump

Driveline Bump: It Feels Like a Brake Related Problem

The symptoms are that of the vehicle being bumped in the rear by another vehicle immediately following a stop or when accelerating from a stop, which is often referred to as a launch. When the condition first occured, the customer thought they had been hit...


On the Line: Gasoline Direct vs. Port Fuel Injection

Gasoline Direct vs. Port Fuel Injection

Often, in our diagnostics we identify intake valve deposits as the cause of an engine performance related symptom. The vehicle owner may assure us that they only purchase Top Tier fuel and they supplement with fuel additives. Unfortunately, their engine...




On the Line: Low Voltage and Electrical Interference

Low Voltage and Electrical Interference: They Can Play Havoc with the Vehicle's Electronics

In a recent OTL article titled: IMPROVING YOUR BATTERY KNOWLEDGE, we illustrated the importance of good battery maintenance. In addition to a no-start condition, we cautioned that low voltage conditions and electrical interference could created some major...


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On the Line: Improving Your Battery Knowledge

Imroving Your Battery Knowledge: A Dischared Battery May Cause More Problems Than a No-Start Condition

When performing vehicle inspections are you check the battery or just waiting until the customer complains of a no-start condition? In addtion to a slow crank, a low battery voltage condition can create some major challenges with the vehicle's electronics...


On the Line: Troubleshooting Systems that Share Similar Symptoms

Troubleshooting Systems that Share Similar Symptoms

The complaint documented on the repair order was simple..."I have a problem with my brakes. It feels like the brakes are hanging up, momemtarily." Performing a complete brake inspection failed to identifty the problem with the braking system. Making a repair...



On the Line: Excessive Oil Consumption

Excessive Oil Consumption...and Your Shop Has Serviced the Vehicle Since New!

Trust me, this is not going to be a pleasant exercise. Have you ever provided services or made a repair on a vechicle and the customer return, complaining of a problem or condition that supposedly was no present until you serviced the vehicle? It can and will happen...