The Mighty Story

Our mission: "To serve the professional automotive repair market with select, high quality products and superior customer support services."

The great success stories of free enterprise have always come down to a winning combination of a few key factors. Such is the story of Mighty - an honored American company serving the multi-billion dollar automotive aftermarket for over fifty years.

What Makes us Mighty?

What Makes us Mighty

Mighty sources the highest quality auto parts from the world's leading OE manufacturers, serving as the lynch-pin between manufacturers and only professional technicians from coast-to-coast. Add to that the added-value services of professional inventory management and obsolescence protection that translate into millions in profits for Mighty customers–profits that might otherwise be missed. The most unique element of this winning combination is Mighty's organizational culture that prizes extraordinary personal service over all else; doing whatever it takes to enhance the success of its customer-partners.

Over 114 Locations Nationwide

In today's world when so-called customer service, support teams and suppliers are often literally separated by oceans, it's heartwarming to know that the parts, the service, the technical support and business expertise you need are available from your local Mighty Representative.

Over 114 Locations Nationwide

We partner with more than 12,000 repair facilities - from independents to large multi-bay specialty shops and tire centers. High quality OEM parts, personalized local service and familiar faces that say, "We're in this together," make Mighty a dependable partner to the thousands of owners, corporations and professional automotive repair shops we serve across the United States.

"Partners to the Automotive Professional" is more than just a slogan; it is what we practice each and every day.

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