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Making Our Customers Mightier

For more than 50 years, Mighty has directly and exclusively partnered with automotive repair professionals to manage inventory, improve bay efficiency, and provide valuable preventive maintenance training.

The Mighty Program and our local franchise teams currently help these automotive service businesses:

Independent Repair Shops
Quick Service Facilities
New Car Dealerships
Tire Dealers

What Our Customers Say

Don’t take our word for it. Check out these videos to hear what some of our business partners and customers say about how we can make your business mightier.
Testimonial Video

Strickland Brothers 10 Minute Oil Change

Justin Strickland shares how his growing business benefits from his partnership with Mighty. For him, it’s about more than price — because he sees the value in our support, training programs and inventory system that keeps his stock levels just right. Plus, he appreciates how our inventory management frees up his managers to focus on other areas of the business.

Testimonial Video

With over 25 years of service, Cary Car Care values the importance of caring for their customers and discusses the ways Mighty Auto Parts helps them to meet their customer’s needs. From making sure they have the right parts in place at the right time to the dependability of their Mighty Rep, Cary Car Care views Mighty as a truly integral part of their business.

Testimonial Video

Eric Arnold, General Manager of Thomas Tire in North Carolina, talks about all of the ways Mighty stands out as a partner. Mighty’s customized training, our Rapid Rewards Program and our Performance Watch are unmatched services within the industry.

Testimonial Video

Justin Strickland talks about how it’s not always about price. The value of the support that our customers get from Mighty is what sets apart the true price of product.

Testimonial Video

Mighty’s Inventory Management and Consumer Rebate Programs

Having a partnership with Mighty Auto Parts has way more perks than just quality product. How we take care of our customers is unparalleled.

Testimonial Video

Quality Brakes and Inventory Management – Mighty Auto Parts

With unmatched quality coupled with customized inventory management, Mighty’s customers can’t say enough about our brake program.

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Mighty’s Inventory Control Tools

Mighty has a complete program to help your shop be as efficient and profitable as possible. When Mighty’s tools are used together, your Mighty rep can help tailor your inventory to be exactly what you will need.

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Mighty Auto Parts on the AutoNetTV Platform

AutoNetTV is a preferred vendor for the streaming of Mighty digital content to the consumer. From reducing perceived wait times to increasing upsell opportunities for your customers, AutoNetTV’s digital menu board and lobby TV options have undeniable benefits.

Testimonial Video

Custom Vehicle Inspection Forms

Vehicle inspection if the first and most important part when a car enters the shop. A proper and thorough vehicle inspection can catch problems before they start! Preventive maintenance is cheaper than a repair.

Testimonial Video

Stocking Brakes with Mighty

Mighty customers can’t stop talking about the benefits of our brake products and support.

Testimonial Video

Profit Watch

Our customers love that we’re watching their backs when it comes to inventory levels.

Testimonial Video

OEM Quality

Mighty customers know firsthand that our parts can go head-to-head with OEM on quality.

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Speeding Up Dealer Reconditioning

Customers are sold on how we help them get used cars out of their bays and on to the lot faster.

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Mighty Car Wash and Detailing Chemicals and Program

Our pros come clean on the benefits of Mighty’s extensive range of car appearance products.

Testimonial Video

All Makes and Models with Mighty

Customer shares how Mighty parts work for his diverse clientele.

Testimonial Video

Mighty Performance Watch

Mighty’s Performance Watch is a program designed to help an automotive repair shop’s sales performance. A customized report card with the addition of training and inventory management will help boost business.

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Mighty Auto Parts Service Team

Mighty Auto Parts wants to be a true partner to our customers in helping with their business and providing a real, personal relationship. Mighty reps are involved in every aspect from training to inventory to programs and of course, personal service.

Testimonial Video

Mighty Auto Parts Product Training

We believe training, so your customers’ truly understand their vehicle maintenance needs, is essential for success. From hands-on training for products & sales, vehicle inspection training, to explaining the “why” behind a service, we know that asking the correct questions to diagnose a problem is the way to find a solution for success.

Become an Owner

If you have a passion for the automotive world and outstanding customer service, consider joining our expanding family in the U.S., Canada and other international markets.

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