Smarter Business Insight

Gain access to a wealth of real-world data – and the expertise to analyze it effectively. Thanks to our global scale, we can reveal new opportunities for your business.

Performance Watch

Identify and capitalize on your best opportunities for growth. With Performance Watch, you get a detailed report of national, regional and local sales volumes for specific parts categories. Then together with your Mighty sales rep, you can target categories where your shop could perform better and develop a strategy for capturing those potential sales.

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Keep inventory costs in check while meeting the growing challenge of parts proliferation with our exclusive Mighty ProfitWatch program. This proven three-step system monitors regional product movement to pinpoint the correct stocking inventory for your business, and eliminate overstocked and obsolete products.

Inventory Close-Upan in-depth analysis of your current inventory, including total dollars on hand and annual inventory turns.

Inventory Clean-Upprovides you with solution alternatives to correct overstock, understock and out-of-stock situations.

Inventory Watchon-going maintenance by your local Mighty representative. Your inventory levels are monitored and adjusted as needed.

The result is 100% obsolescence protection- guaranteed!
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Trim Data Mapping

Get an accurate assessment of the types of vehicles that drive near and past your shop everyday with Targeted Registration-Based Inventory Management (TRIM). This exciting data mining application maps vehicle registration data to Mighty’s catalog application and parts database. The data can be filtered by counties, cities and/or zip codes.

TRIM reports include:

  • Average Vehicle Age Map
  • Vehicle counts by year, make and model
  • Maps by vehicle age and population
  • Stocking guides for Mighty brakes and filters

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Customized Training

Boosting your staff’s knowledge and productivity will increase your business’s efficiency and profitability. That’s why the experts at Mighty offer a wide range of training options for maintenance skills, sales techniques, product knowledge and more.

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Inventory Management

Let our trained Mighty representatives save you the time and hassle of managing your inventory – giving you more time to service your customers and run your business. We’ll keep your inventory at optimal levels to increase bay efficiency without tying up excess cash in unneeded parts.

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