Keep your business moving by finding the right parts right away with Mighty Interactive Catalog (MICPlus®) or our printed parts guides.

Up-to-date and easy to use, our catalogs are available online, on USB or in print.

Available from your Mighty representative is our stand-alone electronic catalog, the Mighty Interactive Catalog (MICPlus®). The current version of MICPlus® contains application data for SILENTRAC® belts, Mighty System XL® brakes, caps, chassis & alignment, cooling, Engine Guard II® filters, drain plugs & gaskets, electronic ignition, lighting, O2 sensors, shocks and struts, u-joints, wheel studs and nuts, and STORM GUARD® wipers, PLUS Preventive Maintenance Service intervals, and Fluid Capacities. Included along with the application data are specifications, illustrations, cross-reference and technical data. Updates are released quarterly.
In our printed catalogs, everything you need to know is printed in one place, giving the technician all the products necessary to perform a complete job, saving valuable time.Mighty is committed to providing you with the most accurate, up-to-date application data possible. We support the AAIA (Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association) industry standard.