Tire Service and Repair ProductsTire Service and Repair Products

Tire repair is the most important service a technician will perform on a tire. A permanent tire repair begins with proper training along with a complete offering of tire repair products and tools. The Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) has developed guidelines for repairing a tire safely. Mighty offers the products and training necessary to adhere to these guidelines.



Tire Repair Products

From rubber patches and combination kits to chemicals such as bonding cement and cleaning solutions, Mighty provides a broad range of products designed to enable a technician to perform a permanent tire repair. 


Tire Repair Tools and Training

Repairing a punctured tire requires specialized tools and training. Mighty incorporates the necessary tools and training to insure a RMA (Rubber Manufacturers Association) approved tire repair.  Test your tire repair knowledge with the Tire Repair Challenge.



Tire Valves and Caps

Tire service is not complete without a wide range of tire valves and caps.  Mighty makes available is a complete line of snap-in and clamp-in valves for passenger car and light truck as well as medium and heavy duty truck applications. Complementing tire valves is an extensive assortment of valve caps used in various applications such as TPMS valve and heavy duty trucks.

Tire Valves and Caps


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