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New Car Detail Spray

Mighty® • New Car Detail Spray

Part Number: DL6000, DL6000-1 (1 gal.), DL6000-5 (5 gal.)

Mighty VS7 New Car Detail Spray is an easy to use, safe, anti-static formulation. New Car Detail Spray removes finger marks, cleans and polishes paint, glass, chrome, rubber, and plastic. It also lifts abrasive dust particles while cleaning. Spray on and wipe off formula. Helps release pet hair from fabric and upholstery.

  • Biodegradable
  • Easy to use
  • Non-smearing
  • Peach fragrance
Light Cut Polish Ceramic Fortified

Mighty® • Light Cut Polish Ceramic Fortified

Part Number: DL6013, DL6013-16 (16 oz.), DL6013-1 (1 gal.)

Contains fine-milled polishing agents to give a consistent cut throughout the buffing cycle, while ceramic material is deposited into the pores of the clear coat. The base layer works synergistically with either the liquid or spray, so there is no need to have an additional prep step prior to additional ceramic application. This ceramic fortified polish can be used as a standalone or as an excellent choice for preparing any vehicle’s surface for ceramic coating or detail spray application

  • Biodegradable
  • VOC/OTC compliant
Detail Spray Ceramic Fortified

Mighty® • Detail Spray Ceramic Fortified

Part Number: DL6014, DL6014-16 (16 oz.), DL6014-1 (1 gal.), DL6014-5 (5 gal.)

One of the easiest ways to get ceramic protection. Can be used as a standalone or with the Light Cut Polish to aid in removal. Delivers exceptional gloss and slickness to the treated surfaces, along with unparalleled surface protection. The product can be used wet or dry. Only a few sprays per panel are needed for adequate coverage. This versatile product can be used on all exterior surfaces, including glass, plastic trim, chrome, moldings, and wheels.

  • Biodegradable
  • VOC/OTC compliant
Ceramic Coating

Mighty® • Ceramic Coating

Part Number: DL6015, DL6015-2 (2 oz.)

Mighty VS7 Ceramic Coating is the purest form of protection you can apply to your vehicle. The ceramic resin acts like an additional layer of clear coat which gives increased depth of gloss and enhanced color creating an almost nonstick layer.