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Bulbs and Halogen Capsules



2504 fog lamp
5202 HID Fog/Driving Bulb
9003* high/low beam
9004* high/low beam
9005* high beam
9005XS straight high beam
9006* low beam
9006XS* straight high beam
9007* high/low beam
9008 (H13) high/low beam
9011 (HIRI) high beam
9012LL (HIR2) high/low beam
D1R Halogen HID Gas
D2R Halogen HID Gas
D3R* Halogen HID Gas
D3S Halogen HID Gas
D4R Halogen HID Gas
D4S Halogen HID Gas
H1-55W* fog/driving lamp
H2-55W fog/driving lamp
H3-35W fog/driving lamp
H3-55W fog/driving lamp
H3-100W fog/driving lamp
H4-60/55W motorcycle headlamp
H4-100/55W motorcycle headlamp
H7-55W* high/low/fog lamp
H7-70W high/low/lamp
H8-35W BMW/Mercedes headlamp
H9-65W high/low beam
H11-55W* high/low/fog lamp
H11B low beam
H15 high beam/running light
H16 high beam/running light


* Long Life Halogens Available

Miniature Bulbs

Miniature Bulbs

  • Over 98% bulb coverage for cars, light trucks and SUVs
  • Complete offering includes clear, amber, colored and specialty bulbs
  • All bulbs meet ANSI, DOT and SAE J573 specs
Bulb Cabinet / Lighting Center

Bulb Cabinet / Lighting Center

This cabinet is ideal for storage, organization, merchandising and display of miniature and halogen light bulbs.

  • All compartments are interlocking design
  • Customizable expandable unit for all your bulb needs now or in the future
  • Large capacity compartments hold 20 or more of each miniature lamp
  • Storage compartments tip out at a 45 degree angle for fast handling and dust free storage
  • Cabinet is fabricated of rugged and durable plastic
  • Cabinet has transparent bins for quick viewing
  • Place on countertop or wall mount (includes hardware)
  • 5” x 7” sign bracket & pre-printed part number labels included
  • Overall dimensions are 23½” wide x 5½” deep x 35½” high
Sealed Beams

Sealed Beams

Part Number: 4411, H4666, 4509, H4703, 4537, H6024, H4651, H6054, H4656, H4351, H4352, H4467, H4701, H5001 and H5006

Mighty sealed beams comply with DOT regulations and are direct OE replacements.

Mighty Bulbs and Halogen Capsules in Action

Where would a Mighty bulb rack go in your bay or backroom? We will install it and keep it stocked- neat and clean!