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Air Tools


1" Drive Super Duty

Part Number: IRT271

  • Pressure-feed lube system
  • Dead handle improves operator control
  • Impressive power-to-size ratio
  • Max torque 1,100 ft/lbs.

1/2" Drive Heavy Duty w/ 2" Extended Anvil

Part Number: KTI81632A

  • Twin hammer and steel clutch housing provides extended service life
  • Average air consumption of 7 cfm
  • Max torque 425 ft-lb
Impact Sockets

Impact Sockets

  • Metric or Standard sizes
  • Thin Wall or Extra Thin Wall
  • Fits all 1/2″ Drives
Air Hoses

Air Hoses

  • Heavy duty, non-kink reinforced air hoses
  • Especially designed to withstand the wide range of weather and abrasion conditions experienced by today’s active repair facilities
  • Available colors: red or green
  • Available lengths: 25, 25, 50, or 500 feet.
Air Chucks

Air Chucks

  • Ball Chuck, ¼” NPT female (closed)
  • Ball Chuck, clip-on type, ¼” NPT male barb (closed)
  • Ball Chuck, clip-on type, ¼” NPT male barb (open)
  • Euro-Style clip-on Air Chuck
  • Dual Foot Lock on Air Chuck
  • Dual Foot Air Chuck
  • Air Chuck, Lock on 17-501 Ball Chuck (closed)
  • Nitrogen Ball Foot Chuck (closed)
  • Ball Foot Chuck w/clip (closed)
  • Ball Foot Chuck w/clip (open)
Torque Sticks

Torque Sticks

Wheel torque sticks are a quick and convenient way to properly tighten wheel lugs during tire installation. Made from flexible spring steel, Torque Sticks stop turning at the desired torque range even if the impact gun is still applying pressure. The ½ drive sticks come in various socket sizes and torque ranges, depending on specific vehicle applications.

  • Great for use in places with limited access
  • Chamfered lead-in also provides a secure and strong grip
  • Carrying case for easy transportation, safe storage, and quick organization