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Brake hardware plays a key role in the performance of a braking system. Whether disc or drum, brake hardware ensures proper movement and support of brake pads and shoes. Not replacing worn or damaged hardware can cause premature brake wear, brake noise, and even brake failure. Mighty offers a comprehensive line of brake hardware kits and recommend hardware replacement with every brake service.

Disc Brake Hardware Kit

Disc Brake Hardware Kit

Disc brake hardware kits consist of rubber bushings to protect caliper sliding pins, new pad support pins where applicable, and brake pad clips to ensure proper support and pad movement.
  • Provides unrestricted brake pad movement
  • Secures brake pad to minimize unwanted brake noise
  • Allows for easy brake caliper movement
  • Increases brake pad life
Drum Brake Hardware (Combination Kit)

Drum Brake Hardware (Combination Kit)

Drum brake hardware (Combination Kit) contains shoe return springs to release the brakes after application, and hold down springs to support the brake shoes against the backing plate.
  • Ensures that shoes are released and returned to proper rest position
  • Increases brake response
  • Help with automatic brake adjustment
  • Increases brake shoe life