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Rotors & Drums

Mighty System XL® Rotors and Drums are sourced from the world’s leading producers of high-quality brake parts. Manufacturing facilities follow strict OE G3000/SAE J431 to ensure maximum braking performance. Mighty brake rotors and drums come ready to install, “out of the box…onto the car.”

  • ISO certified manufacturing providing quality inspections throughout production
  • Rotors are finished, balanced and inspected for lateral run-out and thickness variation
  • Precision OE design features match original manufacturers specifications
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Mighty System XL<sup>®</sup> Coated Rotors

Mighty System XL® Coated Rotors

Mighty’s coated brake rotors use a chromium-free metal finish that provides surface protection against unsightly rust and corrosion caused by road salt, humidity, and other corrosive elements.
  • These rotors are engineered to meet or exceed OE specifications
  • Provides excellent corrosion resistance in the harshest environments
  • All surface areas are coated for maximum protection
  • Extends brake rotor service life
  • Silver-grey color designed to provide an OE finish
Mighty System XL<sup>®</sup> Painted Rotors

Mighty System XL® Painted Rotors

Mighty’s System XL® painted brake rotor program offers extensive coverage at a value-price level.
Painted surfaces provide protection against surface rust and damaging corrosion.
  • Painted surfaces include the center hat and the edge of the brake rotor
  • Ready to install out of the box after cleaning
  • Meets or exceeds OE design for superior stopping power
Mighty System XL® CarbonMax™ Brake Rotors

Mighty System XL® CarbonMax™ Brake Rotors

Mighty’s System XL® CarbonMax™ brake rotors are made from high carbon steel and cross-drilled for braking applications requiring peak performance.

  • Broad range of applications covering high-performance vehicles
  • Increased carbon content and higher density reduces thermal brake judder, heat cracking, and brake noise from vibration
  • Cross-drilled and countersunk holes improve braking during wet and dry conditions and dissipates heat, brake dust, and gases during braking
Mighty System XL<sup>®</sup> Brake Rotors

Mighty System XL® Brake Rotors

Mighty’s System XL® brake rotors deliver OE performance, fit and function. This program offers comprehensive vehicle coverage at a competitive price. Mighty’s brake rotors are ready to install with no machining required.

  • CNC machined rotor surfaces meet OE standards to reduce brake noise
  • Cooling fins match OE configurations to maximize brake system performance
  • Rotors are precision measured to ensure minimal run-out and thickness variation
Mighty System XL<sup>®</sup> Brake Drums

Mighty System XL® Brake Drums

Mighty’s System XL® brake drums are produced following OE measurements to enhance fit and performance. Mighty brake drums are manufactured using G3000 qualified materials to promote better braking under all conditions and longer brake lining life. These drums are ready to install with no machining required.

  • CNC machined drum surfaces ensure smooth braking
  • Machine balanced to reduce vibration and brake noise
  • Measured to safeguard against out-of-round drum surface

Mighty Rotors and Drums in Action

Yes, you can have a brake rotor set-up that looks like this in your backroom!