Wiper Blades

Storm Guard VISAO® • Wiper Blades

Visao hybrid blades are designed to combine the sleek look of aero blades with the flex joints of a conventional blade. They’re made with compressed molded natural rubber for extra durability and long life. Over 42 million vehicles are equipped with hybrid blades as OE wipers.

  • Available lengths include 14" - 28"
  • Fits most conventional blade wiper arms to Fits most conventional wiper blade arms with 9x3 connector
  • Fits most conventional blade wiper arms
  • Hybrid blades offer single coverage for almost all wiper applications
  • Squeegee is made with compressed-molded rubber
  • Graphite-coated squeegee ensures quiet, streak-free wiping performance
  • Glass-filled polymer outer structure matched OE design and function
  • Coverage for over 77 million applications including many Honda Accord and Nissan Altima models