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Newer Vehicles & Extended Oil Change Intervals
By: GYoung | Friday, September 23rd, 2016 at 7:32 pm in Filters, Motor Oil, Preventive Maintenance

Newer Vehicles & Extended Oil Change Intervals

All the cool innovations and technology on newer vehicles today could lead to questions about how to best take care of it. To ensure the safety and performance of your vehicle, take preventive measures and schedule routine maintenance checks at a trusted auto repair facility.
So how often should you have your oil changed?
It used to be that you had your oil changed every 3,000 miles or every three months. Today, many new vehicles go 5k to 7.5k miles or even more between oil changes. To determine the correct mileage interval for your vehicle, consult your vehicle manufacturers recommendations making sure the correct type of oil and oil filter are used in your vehicle.
Every time your oil gets changed the oil filter should be changed as well. And did you know that not all oil filters and oil types are created equal?
Oil Type and Filter

There are three different oil types used in vehicles: conventional, synthetic blend and full synthetic. These three oil types have different lifespans with synthetic lasting the longest. Your auto service provider will show you which one your vehicle manufacturer recommends for your vehicle. Just as there are different types of oil, there are also different types of oil filters. The filter media in lower grade oil filters may become clogged and circulate dirty oil through your engine after 5,000 miles.
So what does that mean? It is critical to the life of your engine that the oil filter installed has the capacity to last between oil changes. Ask your service advisor or tech about what oil filter they recommend for your vehicle and oil change interval.
Normal vs. Severe

When it comes to oil and oil filter replacement, drivers in an abnormally dusty climate and those who make frequent stop-and-go trips should visit their auto shop sooner than the mileage interval recommended in most car manuals for normal driving.[1] Why? These are considered severe driving conditions and the manufacturer often recommends oil changes at lower mileage intervals. Your automotive technician can help you determine what type of driving condition is applicable to you.
Keep in mind, fewer visits to the shop lead to fewer opportunities to have your whole vehicle inspected. This could result in important preventive maintenance services being missed or postponed, not good.
Stay tuned, more on that in the next Mighty Blog.
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