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Throttle Related Symptoms When the Engine Lacks Throttle Response

March 30, 2020

Throttle Related Symptoms When the Engine Lacks Throttle Response When the customer complaint is poor or no acceleration, or the engine has lost power, where would you start with the diagnosis? Most would assume something major and expensive to repair. Following are some basic checks to consider before getting too deep into the diagnostics.

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From Key to Keyless Ignition

December 17, 2019

The transition from a key to an electronic code (Keyless Push Button Start) comes with a new set of challenges and safety measures that must be considered to prevent injury to the vehicle operator or the technician. Most view the fob as a key and that is not the case. It allows keyless entry to […]

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Gasoline Direct Injection – New Service Opportunities

October 7, 2019

And New Service Opportunities Gasoline Direct Injection comes with a new set of challenges and service opportunities that the technician must be familiar with. Many of today’s vehicles are fited with a relatively new fuel system technology for the automobile, referred to as Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI). While this technology has been around for 100 […]

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Electronic Parking Brakes

September 5, 2019

Practicing Safety When Servicing the System When servicing the rear brakes on a vehicle equipped with an electronic parking brake, are you taking the required safety steps to prevent personal injury? Failure to take the precautionary safety measures may result in severe damage to the hands and fingers.

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Air Filter and Housing Inspection

August 15, 2019

Damaged Housing or Filter Seal Prompts Low Efficiency Catalyst Codes When low-efficiency catalyst codes PO420 and PO430 appear, the last place that most technicians would consider would be a defective air filter seal or damaged/distorted airbox, allowing air filter by-pass. Often, the mentioned codes result in oxygen sensors and the catalytic converter getting replaced, which […]

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Accessory and Suspension Modifications

May 29, 2019

These Can Present Diagnostic Challenges Accessory components and suspension modifications that enhance the cosmetics or performance of a vehicle are readily available for most vehicle makes and models. technicians must consider these components and modifications when performing their diagnostics. When modifications are made to steering, suspension, or tire and wheel assemblies, they can have an […]

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Engine Coolant Leaks

April 23, 2019

Corrosion…Electrolysis…or Excessive Thermocycles? When most think of engine coolant (antifreeze) it is in relation to its freeze-point protection with little consideration of its ability to provide lubrication and protection from system corrosion. Unfortunately, engine coolant normally does not receive any attention until one of the following scenarios occurs: 1) The engine overheats. 2) Freezepoint protection […]

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Active Fuel Management

February 27, 2019

It Can Pose Some Challenging Diagnostics Customer complaints of chirping, ticking, squealing or squeaking sounds accompanied with misfire codes stored may be the result of valve lifter or camshaft failures on vehicles equipped with Active Fuel Management (AFM), sometimes referred to as Displacement on Demand (DOD). Pinpointing the source of the noise can be a […]

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Oil Pressure…Filtration…and Viscosity

November 30, 2018

Vehicle Manufacturer Specifications Really Matter With an oil pressure reading of 5 PSI at idle, the customer was certain that some major engine repairs would be necessary. Fortunately, some research prevented a lot of unnecessary repairs, as that was normal oil pressure for the vehicle at idle. Today’s engines have different lubrication and filtration requirements […]

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Distorted and Damaged Air Filters

October 3, 2018

The Condition May Be Water Induced While performing a routine lube service on a 2015 Ford Transit, the lube service technician identified a severely damaged air filter. The filter was distorted and damaged to the point that foreign debris could be drawn into the engine, in addition to fragments of the filter media, which could […]

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