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7 Ways To Get Your Car Ready for Back-to-School
By: Mighty Auto Parts | Monday, August 20th, 2018 at 4:21 pm in Preventive Maintenance, Tech Tips

7 Ways To Get Your Car Ready for Back-to-School

With the school year beginning again, you may be getting ready to wave goodbye as your college student drives away. Alternatively, perhaps you are arranging your calendar for elementary school drop-off. No matter what your back-to-school experience may be, it’s wise to prepare your vehicle.
Without taking the time to prepare for the tasks ahead, your automobile is more likely to have small issues erupt into major problems. Car problems are bad news for college students far from home and families stuck in the carpool lane. So, it is important for your vehicles to be in good shape to keep up with the demands of the school year.
How can you get your vehicle ready for back-to-school? We’ve put together a list to help you prepare:

1.    Wash Your Car

Keeping the exterior of your vehicle clean is about more than aesthetics. Dirt, dust, and debris can damage your car over time. Take the time to have your car washed and detailed before the rush school activities begin.

2.    Equip Your Windshield

Visibility is essential for safety when driving. Your windshield wipers should be changed to ensure you can see in all weather conditions. Fill up your windshield wiper fluid as well.

3.    Check the Cooling System

According to Colin Dilley, the VP of technology at Prestone, problems with the cooling system are the “number one reason” cars, and their drivers get stranded. To keep your student off the side of the road, visit an auto technician to have your cooling system checked. A technician can check both the level and cleanliness of your coolant.

4.    Check Your Tires

Flat or stripped tires can leave your car immobile or difficult to steer and stop safely. Even under-inflated tires can pose a hazard. When you have your tire pressure and wear checked, don’t forget to take a look at your spare too.

5.    Change Your Oil

Many older vehicles need to have an oil change every 3,000 miles. Today, engines can often go 5,000 to 7,500 miles. Depending on your vehicle and how far you live from your student’s school, you may need an oil change soon. See an auto technician to check your oil before you get busy, or your college student leaves town.

6.    Restock Your Emergency Kit

Despite your efforts to prepare your car for back-to-school, accidents and unforeseen issues occur. It is a good idea to keep a fully stocked emergency kit in the car just in case. The kit should include emergency contacts and instructions for emergencies, like whom to call first and your preferred auto body shop. Insurance information is also important.

7.    Get Organized

If you act as a chauffeur for your kids during the school year, use seat organizers and caddies to keep your vehicle’s interior neat. Be sure to keep car-cleaning products and towels in your car too so that messes aren’t neglected, causing interior damage long-term.
When you prepare your vehicle for the school year, you set your student up for success through the prevention of common car problems. Some steps can be completed at home, but others are best addressed by an auto technician.
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